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Gledhill Rewards 165 Years of Dedication

Posted 15th December 2014

Gledhill has celebrated some of the stars of its excellent staff retention record by handing out long service awards to six members of the team that have clocked up a combined 165 years. Technical support...

HWA Charter members have got the X Factor

Posted 26th November 2014

  Adherence to standards applies to all aspects of our daily lives, and they appear in various forms. Some are instilled in us during childhood; from manners – to being a ‘good sport’, we soon...

BoilerMate Gives Local Authority Apartments a Boost

Posted 27th October 2014

  With hot water originally being provided from cylinders with a feed tank located above in their properties, many residents at Smith’s Farm Estate in Ealing had been suffering with low water pressure. Now, however, thanks...