Gledhill UK Sales Director, Neil Overton, looks at the requirement for spare parts within the hot water cylinder industry and why it’s important?

Posted 26th October 2018

Not only is it important for manufacturers to provide customers with a range of innovative and premium hot water cylinders, it’s important to ensure that optimum components are always available to the trade, so that the tools they need are at hand when they’re on the job.

Whilst most cylinder manufacturers provide at least a 12 month warranty on their product components, there’s a continuous requirement for spare parts. Whether it’s a new cylinder installation with a part requirement or an old cylinder part replacement, it’s imperative that installers have easy quick access to new components.

Coming from an installer background many years ago I know only too well how important this service is, that’s why I’m a supporter of companies that provide this facility. However, it can be difficult at times to acquire the necessary part to complete a job, specifically when the cylinder being worked on is extremely old. Another issue can be the quality of components available and whether it’s the right part for the right cylinder. It’s therefore vital that all cylinder manufacturers maintain a sufficient spare parts inventory and make sure that this is always available as a reliable reference.

Gledhill exceeds in this service, as they not only provide a catalogue of the spare parts required for each Gledhill product they’ve manufactured, from their obsolete Gledhill Water Storage products to their new StainlessLite range, they also provide their own spares parts service – Gledhill Spare Parts Ltd.

Utilising Gledhill’s renowned distribution network, Gledhill Spare Parts provides Gledhill components to merchants across the nation to ensure much needed parts are always available to installers. Gledhill Spare Parts Ltd also understands how important prompt delivery is and works with merchants located throughout the UK to offer a fast, efficient delivery service direct to the address of choice, so the component required can even be delivered to the job site. As Gledhill possess years of experience in partnership with merchants, installers can be assured that only the latest, high quality and approved parts will be supplied. With reliable components from manufacturers such as Honeywell, Altecnic and Reliance, they’re sure to meet high performance demands.

Technical support is also an invaluable part of a spares service, as it’s not always easy to determine what component is appropriate for the cylinder being worked on. Due to a multitude of parts within the industry, selecting the correct one can occasionally require assistance from the cylinder manufacturer. With a Gledhill Spare Parts team at hand to take calls, this provides a reliable resource of information and assists merchants in sourcing the required part for the installer, enabling them the confidence to carry out the cylinder repair successfully.

Find out more about Gledhill Spare Parts Ltd here.