BoilerMate SP Pre-Plumbed

Mains pressure hot water thermal store for use with central plant boilers

The BoilerMate SP Pre-Plumbed offers a ‘plug n play’ solution, featuring a pre-plumbed kit to help reduce installation time and standardise plumbing configuration across multiple dwelling sites.

Part of the BoilerMate SP range, the BoilerMate SP Pre-Plumbed is the perfect partner for central plant heating systems. Its main benefits for the installer or the developer include:

  • Reduction in pipe size
  • Reduction in the central plant size
  • Built in diversity
  • A fitting template to speed up installations
  • No G3 qualification requirement for installation

The BoilerMate SP Pre-Plumbed thermal stores also provides the homeowner with:

  • Mains pressure hot water giving ‘power shower’ performance
  • A cylinder reheat time of approximately 20-25 minutes
  • Allows for dry roof space eliminating the risk of freezing pipes/tanks in winter
  • No annual maintenance or safety check requirement
  • Increased system efficiency, reducing running costs

Easy to install, the BoilerMate SP Pre-Plumbed can be fitted to existing systems, with no requirement for pipework oversizing.

As it is vented and therefore inherently safe, there is no requirement for a safety discharge, and therefore is not subject to G3 Building Control Regulations – thus simplifying installation and system maintenance enormously for the landlords or homeowners.

BoilerMate SP Pre-Plumbed models are designed to be fed directly from the mains. With the water being instantaneously heated via the plate heat exchanger, this removes any risk of legionella.