BoilerMate OV Pre-Plumbed

Mains pressure hot water thermal store for use with gas or oil boilers

The BoilerMate OV Pre-Plumbed is an open vented thermal store that provides mains pressure hot water. The BoilerMate OV Pre-Plumbed is suitable for use with a heat only gas or an oil boiler. It is also suitable for upgrading existing traditional hot water systems.

BoilerMate OV Pre-Plumbed thermal stores provide:

  • Mains pressure hot water giving ‘power shower’ performance
  • A dry roof space eliminating the risk of freezing pipes/ tanks in winter
  • Increased system efficiency, reducing running costs
  • No annual maintenance or safety check requirement

Easy to install, the BoilerMate OV Pre-Plumbed can be fitted to existing systems, including the existing boiler and controls, where appropriate. Unlike unvented cylinders, the BoilerMate OV Pre-Plumbed does not require expensive safety controls or the need to plumb temperature and pressure relief pipework to an outside wall.

The BoilerMate OV Pre-Plumbed thermal storage system is supplied with primary water from the boiler which heats the store via a primary coil. Secondary water flows directly from the cold mains into a secondary coil where it is heated by the store before being delivered to the taps.

BoilerMate OV Pre-Plumbed thermal stores do not require any annual maintenance. The product fully complies with the HWA (Hot Water Association) specification for thermal stores and is fully 2010 Part L1A (new build and refurbishment) compliant.


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