Gledhill Bespoke Copper Cylinders – Twin Coil, Combination & Rectangular Tanks

Copper cylinders made to your specification

We are well known in the industry for our capability to produce bespoke cylinders to a custom specification, ie tapping heights, connection sizes and positions etc. We can offer everything required from just a single additional tapping all the way through to square cylinders!

Your bespoke cylinder is produced at our Centre of Excellence for copper in Birmingham, where all aspects of copper brazing and forming, as well as the technical theory behind copper cylinder manufacture is instilled and championed to ensure a consistently high standard of copper cylinders.

  • Envirofoam Copper
  • Super Recovery Cylinders
  • Combination Units
  • Twin Coil Cylinders
  • Rectangular Tanks

To place an order for a bespoke cylinder, simply visit our Gledill Xpress service or alternatively print out the special order form available below and fill in the specification required, then ask your merchant to send it to our central sales and logistics team at our Blackpool headquarters.

Please note that we have a strict ‘merchant only’ policy.

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Envirofoam Copper

Gledhill Envirofoam Copper cylinders are manufactured to BS1566 and 2017 ErP compliant making these hot water cylinders have strong environmental credentials. These open vented copper hot water cylinders feature 35mm HCFC free insulation incorporating  Polyol which is derived from rapeseed oil and has exceptionally low standing heat loss times.

• Next day lead time availability
• Standard 1 inch male & female tappings with optional compression fittings available
• 25 minute recovery time
• Easy access to immersion heater boss

Super Recovery Cylinders

Designed to provide quick recovery times in as little as 5 minutes. The Gledhill super recovery hot water cylinder has a specially engineered high performance heat exchanger which reduces boiler cycling whilst maximising the time the boiler can operate in condensing mode.

• 2017 ErP compliant
• Standard 1 inch male & female tappings with optional compression fittings available
• 10 year warranty
• Recovery from 5 minutes
• Recovers as it is being used
• For use with fully pumped systems
• 100% recyclable

Combination Units

Gledhill’s combination hot water units have been specially designed to be installed into properties without a loft space and have direct and indirect configurations. The cold water feed tank is incorporated into the combination unit so as a result a separate cold water storage tank is not required resulting in a quicker and simplifier installation as well as reducing costs.

• Standard 1 inch male & female tappings with optional compression fittings available
• High recovery coil available
• Indirect units for use with central heating systems
• BS3198 and 2017 ErP compliant

Twin Coil Cylinders

Gledhill’s Twin Coil hot water cylinder has been specially designed to be used with two heat sources like solid fuel and a conventional boiler or electric boiler. Our Twin Coil cylinders are available in three grades and can be ordered in bespoke sizes and specifications. (Need to be specified at time of ordering)

  • Grade 1: Up to 2.5 bar
  • Grade 2: Up to 1.5 bar
  • Grade 3: Up to 1.0 bar

All of our Twin Coil hot water cylinders are 2017 ErP compliant and come with 10 year warranty along with compression fittings (need to be specified at the time of ordering)

Rectangular Tanks

When a regular hot water cylinder isn’t the solution for the job, Gledhill has rectangular tanks available to be supplied in direct and indirect configurations. Both configuration unit types are gravity fed hot water and can be installed at a high level like in a cupboard or within a roof space.

The Gledhill direct rectangular unit model has been designed for use with all off-peak tariffs. Utilising our market leading HCFC free insulation ensures that the low energy costs are passed onto the customer. The direct combination tank ensures simple and fast installations that will save you money, time, and materials and can be supplied fitted with two 3kW immersion heaters and thermostat to make installation times even faster.


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