Washing Machine Frame

The Gledhill hot water cylinder washing machine frame is engineered from steel for stability and robustness to hold and accommodate our range of 120L – 250L hot water cylinders. To provide an extra layer of protection the Gledhill washing machine frame is powder coated offering a higher level of durability, colour longevity along with scratch and rust resistance for a high quality premium finish. 

The Gledhill washing machine stand perfectly accommodates all of our Platinum Direct cylinder sizes as well as over 50% of our Platinum Indirect cylinders. In addition, our washing machine stand is suitable for nearly all our Stainlesslite Plus 120L – 250L hot water cylinders as well as our Stainless ES and Gledhill Stainless Pro cylinders between 120L and 250L in size. 

Designed with space saving efficiency in mind for new build homes as well as apartments our washing machine stand comes flat packed and when built up has a height of 910mm, width of 670mm and depth of 600mm making it the perfect solution for any space restriction issue. 

*Please note washing machine is not included

Features & Benefits

  • Engineered from Steel for stability
  • Accommodates 120L – 250L cylinder sizes
  • Arrives flat packed and built in minutes
  • Solution for space restrictions in new builds and apartment complexes
  • Designed for the Platinum and Stainlesslite Plus cylinder ranges