Making installers’ lives easy is top priority for Gledhill’s new CCO

Posted 5th October 2017

Gledhill’s new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Mark Derbyshire, says making life easy for installers is vital if the business is to realise its ambition and become the UK’s number one manufacturer for hot water cylinders and thermal stores.

Mark, who has extensive experience in both UK and international sales, previously held senior roles at Vaillant, across all their brands.

“We want installers to have complete peace of mind when they buy from us. This is why our entire product range has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is compliant with the new ErP legislation, which comes into force this month,” says Mark.

“However we want to go much further, so we work tirelessly with installers to develop products specifically designed to make their lives easier. We also offer first class training opportunities, like our G3 unvented cylinders course, to give our customers a competitive edge over their peers,” he added.

Mark is also keen for the business to help raise awareness of the huge technical advances that have been made in water storage, which now mean cylinders provide an excellent cost-effective option for families demanding water for multiple tasks,


“We live in a highly competitive world and it is imperative we keep abreast of new technologies, legislation and market developments to ensure we continue to deliver the innovative and quality products and services that merchants, installers, developers and homeowners have come to expect from the Gledhill brand,” says Mark.

Gledhill’s product range is packed with innovation.

  • The Pulsacoil Eco is a thermal store, which uses off-peak electricity to provide main pressure hot water, and is specifically designed for flats, where a Building Regulation G3 discharge is not possible
  • The StainlessLite Plus range, which was developed with installer focus groups, is the lightest cylinder on the market. It’s available in direct and indirect patterns, in sizes 60-400 litres, is compatible with solar thermal and heat pumps or a combination of both and has been engineered to resist all forms of corrosion.
  • Gledhill’s slim-line cylinders have a 13% smaller diameter, compared to standard cylinders, helping installers squeeze them into the tightest space, while the horizontal cylinders are perfect for lofts.

For more information on the full range of Gledhill cylinders click here.