Why next day delivery is essential for business

Posted 27th June 2018

Providing an excellent delivery service to your customers is vital. It promises customer satisfaction, gains their trust, and instills a quality service, which ultimately strengthens your business relationship.

Many companies look to achieve such a service by employing an external courier which is an effective option. However, other companies such as Gledhill rely on building their own infrastructure to ensure internal control, whereby all customer orders are delivered directly via their company.

In 1972, Gledhill opened their central manufacturing operation in Blackpool where the head office and Centre of Excellence for Stainless Steel operates today. By 2000, Gledhill had developed a manufacturing infrastructure that spanned across the nation, which continued to develop over the years into the flagship distribution network we see today.

For a business to be successful, it is vital that the customer’s demands are always met. That’s why Gledhill have specifically tailored their distribution network to ensure their products always reach their destination in a direct and efficient manner.

Consisting of five distribution hubs, Gledhill’s unique structure is geographically situated for effective, widespread product availability. Headed by their central sales and logistics team at the Blackpool headquarters and transported via their own fleet of Gledhill vehicles, they have ultimate control over the delivery of their products, enabling them to add value to their customers, meet demanding orders and high service expectations.

This enables Gledhill to provide a next day delivery service and facilitate collection from the nearest hub on the same day, whilst also supplying one point of contact to merchants via their experienced Sales & Logistics Team who are located at Gledhill’s head office in Blackpool.

In developing this prominent infrastructure and continuing to evolve to meet customer demands, Gledhill guarantees personal management of orders and ultimately, a delivery service the customer can count on.

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