Gledhill Sales Director, Neil Overton, looks at the perfect replacement to copper – making the switch to stainless

Posted 20th September 2018

We, at Gledhill, have been producing copper cylinders for over 90 years, so we can confidently say we’re experts when it comes to manufacturing copper cylinders of a high quality!

BUT…did you know there’s a better cylinder in town! The EnviroFoam Stainless provides you with much more than a copper cylinder, and at a lower cost. Manufactured from 0.6mm stainless steel and at least 30% thinner than copper, the EnviroFoam Stainless is ultimately lighter – possessing the same lightweight philosophy as our flagship StainlessLite Plus Range.

As a recognised specialist in copper and stainless steel cylinders, Gledhill know that both materials have their advantages and disadvantages, however, with its undeniable durability and its high resistance to corrosion, it’s clear that the EnviroFoam Stainless supersedes copper vented cylinders in reliability.

Whilst Gledhill were the first manufacturer of hot water cylinders in the UK to introduce foam insulation in 1965, It’s fair to say that with the uneven finish of the foam, the cylinders were not aesthetically appealing. However, continually looking to improve our products, Gledhill developed the EnviroFoam – retaining industry leading 35mm HCFC free insulation with an exceptionally low standing heat loss and a fully renewable resource, all whilst producing a smooth and tidy finish.

Leading the way as the ideal replacement for the copper cylinder market, the EnviroFoam Stainless comes with compression fittings as standard to enable a simple and easy swap, whilst also benefiting from a shower take-off to provide constant and continued flow. And with Gledhill’s unrivaled distribution network, consisting of 5 hubs located across the nation, our EnviroFoam Stainless is available for next day delivery or same day collection.

The cost of copper is rising! We believe it’s the perfect time to switch to stainless steel. Find out more about our EnviroFoam Stainless, available in indirect and direct models with a ten year warranty.

Find out more about Gledhill’s Sales Director, Neil Overton, here.