Master the pressure – Get G3 qualified

Posted 17th July 2017


Did you know that it is a legal requirement for plumbers and gas engineers to have a G3 qualification if they want to install unvented hot water cylinders?

At Gledhill, we recommend that all heating engineers complete a G3 qualification to progress in their careers therefore, we now provide a G3 training course! Held at our three training centres in Hull, Leeds, and Reading, we’re readily available to equip plumbers with the knowledge they need.

The Building Regulations Approved Document (section G3) requires an unvented hot water cylinder to be installed and maintained by a competent person. The G3 qualification, also known as an Unvented Hot Water qualification, provides plumbers with the knowledge & skills needed to work with such systems.

Once a G3 qualification is acquired, a BPEC Unvented G3 certificate is issued to the plumber. They are also provided with an ID card that identifies them as a competent person in the installation and maintenance of domestic hot water storage systems. Through completing this course, engineers will be covered in the following areas in accordance with the relevant regulations:

  • Vented and unvented systems and their operating principles
  • Design and installation
  • Maintenance and compliance with Building Regulations

The course is then required to be completed every five years. This ensures the engineer’s competence in providing a safe and professional service for their customers.

If you’re interested in attending a course, you can find out more here.