What is ErP and how does it effect you?

Posted 23rd October 2018

The Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive for Hot Water Cylinders was introduced in September 2015, with an update in
September 2017, requiring all products to meet strict industry regulations and a minimum ErP rating of C. But what does this mean for the customer?

The ErP Directive is a European Council Regulation which implements a series of measures for improving energy efficiency to ultimately reduce the environmental impact of energy-related products. The ErP Directive is a legal requirement therefore, all manufacturers of hot water cylinders must now be compliant with their regulations to improve the performance standards of their products.

Following the introduction of the new regulations, all manufacturers are required to provide an energy label on their products showing an energy efficiency rating from A to F. This aims to eradicate poor preforming products and means that the cylinder’s efficiency is now clear to installers and homeowners, enabling you to compare energy ratings when looking to buy a hot water cylinder.

The ErP Directive encourages manufacturers to be innovative and continue developing their products to ensure high ErP ratings, whereby the key improvement they look for is significant reductions in energy loss. Whilst this promises products that are kinder to our environment and promotes an increase use of renewable energies, it also produces lower energy bills for homeowners.

Leading up to the implementation of the ErP Directive, Gledhill re-designed and tested their products well in advance to ensure all their products we’re compliant, with the StainlessLite Plus range ErP rating meeting A, B or C. Gledhill are therefore confident in their products ability to provide minimum heat loss as well as providing renewable options within the StainlessLite Plus range to further protect the environment.

Whilst Gledhill met the directive prior to its introduction, we continually strive to develop and improve our products to ensure the homeowners hot water requirements are met, whilst reducing carbon emissions throughout the country and providing energy & cost savings for homeowners and businesses.

When it comes to the efficiency of hot water systems, it’s clear that the ErP Directive not only provides measures to lower the impact to the environment but also effectively assists the homeowner in choosing a reliable, cost effective and resourceful product for their home. For these reasons, Gledhill welcomes these instructions, as they ultimately work to encourage progress and development within the hot water industry.

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