Gledhill launches new Torrent range

Posted 9th May 2018

The new Torrent Stainless range of thermal stores from Gledhill has been engineered to combine great energy efficiency, reliability and stylish looks.

The three ranges, produced at Gledhill’s Blackpool Centre of Excellence for Stainless Steel, include the Torrent Stainless OV, the Torrent Stainless OV SOL and the Torrent Stainless SP SOL.  They are fully ErP compliant with energy efficient pumps, PCB software and flow sensor technology.

Thermal stores allow for mains pressure hot water to be delivered from an open vented cylinder, improving hot water delivery compared to traditional vented or combination cylinders. In addition, heating can be delivered to wet central heating systems including underfloor.

Thermal stores provide the ability to safely combine multiple heat sources, including solar thermal and uncontrolled sources such as wood burning stoves and Agas.

Development Manager, Nick Fursman has led the development process for the new ranges.  “Made from high quality duplex stainless steel with 50mm of insulation, these lightweight thermal stores have improved heat loss ratings, will resist all forms of corrosion and have a white outer case with colour matched components so they look stylish,” says Nick.  “They make a great choice for installers upgrading a heating system or in a new build development as they can be situated virtually anywhere in the property as long as the header tank is above radiator height.  And, as there is no discharge pipework and require virtually no maintenance, a G3 qualification is not required to install the cylinder.”

For more information on the full range please click here.