The importance of quality components – making installations easier

Posted 20th April 2018

Whatever the task, whatever the requirements, it’s important to have the optimum cylinder components for an easy and efficient application. At Gledhill, we want to ensure that installers are not only confident in the cylinder they buy, but also the high-quality components that come with it.

The StainlessLite range offers many features and benefits, and one of the key advantages of our flagship range is that we provide high-quality components across the entire collection. From our StainlessLite Pro, produced for the contract market, to our elite StainlessLite Plus products, installers can be confident that when they’re installing Gledhill, they’re installing quality.

As a result of continuous product development and innovation, the StainlessLite Plus is always providing more. Benefiting from additional components across all models, installers are supplied with a 90 Degree Elbow to negate soldering pipework above the unit, and a Flexible Hose to overcome the requirement of copper piping. Equipped with these cost-effective fittings, this ultimately makes installations easier and frees up your time for bigger jobs.

It’s not just the installation Gledhill considers – with a lift-up Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve fitted to all Plus models, this assists the installer in carrying out an easy drain down when required.

The StainlessLite Plus is supplied complete with compression fittings as standard, enabling installers to prioritise the installation rather than waste time on sourcing additional fittings from merchants. With reliable components from respected manufacturers such as Honeywell, Altecnic and Reliant, installers can be assured they’ll meet performance demands.

If that’s not enough, the latest addition to the StainlessLite family – the StainlessLite Pre-Plumbed, comes with the full package. Encompassing all the benefits of the StainlessLite plus as well as a pre-plumbed kit to guarantee standardized pipe configuration, this cylinder comes with all the high-quality fittings an installer could ask for.

With a 2-year warranty on components across our entire StainlessLite range, not only are installers provided with the confidence their installing a product of high standard, it also offers peace of mind for the homeowner.

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