Unvented Hot Water Cylinders – Safety and Maintenance.

Posted 19th February 2019

Many people are unaware that an unvented hot water cylinder requires an annual inspection of the key safety devices fitted to the system. You should be aware that the cylinder installed in your property is a pressurised container and will require regular maintenance just like a gas boiler.

An annual check is vital to ensure your safety and must be carried out by a qualified engineer. It validates your manufacturer’s warranty and guarantees the cylinder operates efficiently in compliance with industry guidance and Building Regulations (Part G: Sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency).

To help homeowners understand the importance of an annual service and what they can expect when having their hot water storage cylinder serviced by a registered engineer, the Hot Water Association (HWA), have produced a first of its kind, consumer guide.

Isaac Occhipinti, Head of External Affairs, HWA said:

“There are three types of people in this world. Those who religiously service their appliances without fail, homeowners who think it’s important but find it expensive so skip a few and then those who don’t think it’s necessary to have it done at all. But what exactly is servicing and what does it entail? Why is it so vital to maintaining your hot water storage cylinder’s health?

To help answer these questions and encourage homeowners to have their storage cylinder serviced every 12 months, the HWA, and its members have launched the “hot water storage cylinder servicing guide”, incorporating customer information requirements.

The guide aims to educate consumers on the standards they should expect and details a list of the steps engineers should take when they visit a customer’s home.

We believe that by outlining what homeowners can expect from their service, it will assist with the message that ‘the cheapest quote isn’t always the best.

This document is for all unvented direct and indirect products and details the service checks that should be carried out every 12 months. The manufacturers’ instructions are an indispensable reference document whenever an unvented water heater service is undertaken and you are advised to retain these in a safe place.

It will be helpful to let your service engineer or service provider know in advance of the appointment your make and model of water heater if this is known.”

When your annual service is due, Gledhill advise that you contact the engineer that installed your cylinder and arrange for them to carry out the service. Please ensure that they are qualified under the Building Regulations Approved Document (section G3).

Should you have any queries or wish to receive further information, please contact our technical support team who will be more than happy to help.

You can download the HWA Unvented Hot Water Storage Servicing Guide here.

If you’re an engineer looking to acquire the relevant qualifications to service and maintain your customer’s unvented cylinder, take a look at how we can help you with a G3 Qualification.