Platinum’s Internal Expansion Explained

Posted 18th February 2021

The latest addition to Gledhill’s wide range of unvented cylinders, the new Stainless Platinum range comes as a result of over 90 years’ manufacturing experience; expert skills, effective processes and mastered techniques.

Neil Overton, Sales Director at Gledhill said: “We are dedicated in providing installers and homeowners with a solution to every application.” He continued: “We are therefore thrilled to announce the launch of the latest addition to Gledhill’s wide range of unvented cylinder, the Platinum cylinder range. The Platinum range incorporates an internal baffle, preventing the requirement of an external vessel to be fitted, offering a quick and easy installation.

Gledhill’s Platinum cylinders are extremely well insulated using high density HCFC free Envirofoam insulation to achieve astonishingly low levels of heat loss, maximising energy efficiency for customers.

How does this work?

When water is heated within a standard unvented hot water cylinder, the volume of water expands and back into a separate external expansion vessel installed alongside the cylinder. By incorporating an internal air pocket and baffle inside the new Platinum unvented cylinder, the water, when heated, is able to expand and compress within the stainless-steel body, removing the need for the external expansion vessel and minimising pipework.

What are the benefits?

The internal expansion allows for a neat and compact system to produce space saving, enabling tight spaces to be utilised by installers and creating easier access for maintenance to be carried out. Pre-plumbed options allow for a uniformed installation across multiple dwelling sites within the new-build industry and assist in delivering a clean and tidy finish for homeowners.

Presenting a selection of indirect and direct within the range, the new Platinum unvented cylinder supports Gledhill in offering a cylinder to meet any heating requirement and ultimately make installers’ lives easier.

The Platinum range also includes:

  • 90 degree elbow for quicker installation
  • High specification duplex stainless steel
  • Floating baffle
  • Lift up temperature and pressure relief valve for easier drain down
  • 3kW incoloy immersion heaters for use as primary or back-up heat source
  • Corrugated StainlessLite Supercoil for faster recovery times
  • Aligned tapping positions for ease of installation

The range is available in direct and indirect patterns, and in sizes from 120 litres up to 300 litres indirect and 120 litres up to 210 litres direct. In addition, all Platinum unvented cylinders come with a 25 year warranty with on-site support, promising peace of mind*.

*for full warranty information, please refer to the relevant installation manual.