Gledhill Launch the New Evolved PulsaCoil Stainless Range!

Posted 6th January 2020

The latest generation of Gledhill’s PulsaCoil, the new and enhanced PulsaCoil Stainless offers all the benefits of its predecessors whilst boasting a new fresh design with additional features. Neil Overton, Gledhill’s UK Sales Director, introduces us to the next leap in heating!

“We’re pleased to announce the launch of our revamped PulsaCoil Stainless range of thermal stores. This is a major enhancement of Gledhill’s PulsaCoil product, with a series of improved features and benefits across all models” Says Neil.

Designed specifically for apartments, the new PulsaCoil Stainless offers the perfect replacement heating solution. The range boasts improved aesthetics with a sleek new cylindrical design to offer space saving and provides an easy to maneuver product which ultimately assists in an easier installation.

“Whilst each model across the range retains all the qualities of previous models, the new range also offers innovative additions such as a cylindrical header tank specifically designed to be situated on top of the unit. New insulation has been implemented to cover all pipework, assisting in the improved look, and there’s no longer a requirement for a plinth due to the removal of the rectangular case” says Neil. “To further assist in the ease of installation, we’ve also aligned all tapping positions to the left of the unit and have reduced the product’s height to enable flexibility in application, particularly small cupboard spaces known to be in apartments.”

A thermal store product, the PulsaCoil Stainless differs from a conventional hot water cylinder as the hot water is not fed to the taps directly from the stored water. Instead, the cold mains water is heated up by passing through a plate heat exchanger, which then transfers the heat from the thermal store to the mains water directed to the taps. This innovative process in heating water provides a simple and inherently safe way to produce high performance mains pressure hot water and significantly reduces the risk of Legionella.

Available in sizes 150L, 180L and 210L, the new cylinder provides the perfect hot water system for homeowners with apartments:

  • Utilises off-peak electricity to reduce energy bills
  • Cylinder protected against scale, even in hard water areas
  • Provides mains pressure hot water
  • Hot water is generated by passing mains cold water through a plate heat exchanger, reducing the risk of Legionella
  • Back up immersion for emergency top-up
  • Smaller footprint and profile

Manufactured with high corrosion resistant stainless steel, the PulsaCoil Stainless requires no discharge pipework. “Unlike an unvented system, installers don’t need a G3 qualification to install the PulsaCoil Stainless and virtually zero maintenance is required. This can therefore be easily installed and maintained by any professional plumbing and heating engineer” says Neil.

The PulsaCoil Stainless is the latest addition to join Gledhill’s stylish thermal store range of cylinders. Engineered to combine energy efficiency with style, Gledhill’s range of thermal store products offer alternative options to vented and unvented cylinders, providing homeowners with a wide choice of  cylinders to ensure they have the right cylinder for their home.

Find out more information on the new innovative PulsaCoil Stainless range here.