Waxman Training Academy gives tops marks to Gledhill cylinders

Posted 1st September 2015

ELLAND, UK: Waxman Training Academy, purpose-built facility for the training of renewable heat technologies, solid fuels and solar PV, have welcomed the range of Gledhill cylinders to its on-site training product portfolio.

As a manufacturer of domestic cylinders, Gledhill is one of the UK’s largest businesses in the industry and a widely known brand in the domestic heating market. Specialising predominantly in vented cylinders, Gledhill has expanded its market to cater for mains pressure and unvented hot water systems, as well as those suited for ‘alternative energy’ technologies.

Waxman Training Academy has a number of Gledhill cylinders installed to help indicate their use in domestic scenarios to facilitate hot water storage; generated by either heat pumps, solar thermal or solid fuel technologies. All of which are vital in the training of most renewable heat technologies.

As the market expands and the need for qualified and competent installers grows, it’s thanks to the systems installed in the Training Academy, which include Gledhill cylinders, that candidates can get a hands-on learning experience of the technologies they are faced with each day. Because of this, Waxman Training Academy can offer some of the best training facilities in the industry that are backed up with a nationally recognised centre status.

The solutions that Gledhill offer for alternative energy systems are some of the industry’s most widely used products throughout various projects. Ideal for a range of domestic needs, whether feeding in hot water produced from a biomass boiler, or storing solar thermal generated water for use in conjunction with the household central heating system; Gledhill has a solution that meets the growing needs of renewables customers.