Space saving solutions!

Posted 12th December 2018

When it comes to installing hot water cylinders, space can be a problem. Whilst many customers own large properties with more than one bathroom, there can be restricted storage space due to tight areas, or homeowners wanting to utilise extra space for conversions & extensions. Gledhill Sales Director, Neil Overton, looks at how this leaves limited options when looking for a cylinder that meets specific dimensions and can facilitate the hot water demands of a large home.

A common result of space limitations is that homeowners just plain and simply do not want a hot water cylinder visible in their home, particularly one of a large size such as a 300 Litre. This leaves only one option for the installer – the loft. We all know it’s the perfect storage space for those unused items, however, it’s also the ideal space for a cylinder that customers want to keep out of sight!

As the industry’s unrivalled and only independently approved domestic horizontal cylinder, the StainlessLite Plus Horizontal provides the solution for height restricted installations. This not only enables the installer to meet the space requirements of the homeowner but also provides mains pressure hot water with a specialised corrugated heat exchanger that’s specifically designed to maximise hot water for high demands.

Other space issues that often arise are tight areas. Particularly found in smaller properties, this is still a problem that can occur in larger properties with small cupboards or a desired alternative use of storage space. As a standard unvented hot water cylinder is around 550mm wide in diameter, it can be very difficult for installers to find a solution, previously having to resort to a copper vented cylinder as the only option, until slimline unvented cylinders we’re introduced.

Whilst copper vented cylinders are still an option, Gledhill now provide a StainlessLite Plus Slimline within their premium range, offering an unvented cylinder with a diameter of 475mm and available is sizes from 60 litres to 210 litres in indirect models. This allows the benefits of mains pressure hot water to be enjoyed throughout the home.

Also available in solar models, these space saving solutions provided by Gledhill not only provide the answer to those tricky specifications, but also enables the homeowner to benefit from upgraded duplex stainless steel, mains pressure hot water, high heat transfer and minimal heat loss.

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