PBPlumber and Cosywarm Plumbing Visit Blackpool’s Manufacturing Centre of Excellence – You Can Too!

Posted 24th February 2020

This month Gledhill hosted PBPlumber and Cosywarm Plumbing at Blackpool’s Manufacturing Centre of Excellence for Stainless Steel. Gledhill’s factory tours enable installers and merchants to come and see firsthand how our stainless-steel cylinders are produced and how Gledhill’s extensive experience, expert skills and mastered techniques produce quality hot water cylinders.

Gledhill Building Products had the pleasure of presenting its Blackpool Manufacturing centre to two established Plumbing and Heating engineers within the Heating and Hot Water Industry this month – Peter Booth (PBPlumber) and Andy Cam of Cosywarm Heating & Plumbing.

Following an initial product overview carried out by our Product Manager, Debbie Healey, within our dedicated showroom of Gledhill products, Andy and Peter we’re accompanied around Gledhill manufacturing facility by our Production Team Leader, Chris Almond. Guided through the various stages of cylinder manufacture within the factory, each manufacturing phase was explained and demonstrated to highlight the technique behind each process. This allowed Pete and Andy to see Gledhill’s acid pickling procedure, foam insulation injection method, piping techniques, testing processes and much more.

On completion of the tour, Gledhill’s Research & Development Manager, Nick Fursman, provided a one on one Q & A session to deliver a direct understanding of how Gledhill’s cylinders work, such as the BoilerMate thermal store system, the Torrent Stainless, StainlessLite range and our Corrugated SuperCoil. Gledhill also benefitted from direct customer feedback offered by Andy and Pete on our wide cylinder range, which will ultimately assist us in continuing to deliver quality hot water cylinders with installers in mind.

At the end of the session, we finally got down to the important stuff – Gledhill goodie bags, merchandise and what were Pete and Andy’s plans in Blackpool for the evening! There was no chance at the ‘Big One’ with ‘Storm Dennis’ hanging around!

Gledhill’s factory tours offer us the chance to meet our customers, gain feedback and learn what we can do to make their lives easier. They also offer installers and merchants the chance to see first hand how we do things at Gledhill and get the answers to any questions you may have regarding hot water cylinders and the Plumbing & Heating Industry.