Neil Overton Looks at Gledhill’s StainlessLite SuperCoil – the Perfect Partner to Low Carbon Energy.

Posted 22nd August 2019


It’s important to understand what hot water cylinder to select to ensure high performance for your customer today and every day moving into the future.

One of the core components situated within a hot water cylinder is the coil. A vital tool in maximising heat transfer to the cylinder’s body of water, the coil is effectively the heart of the system. Aware of its ability to maximise heat transfer ultilising gas and alternative energy sources such as solar panels and heat pumps etc. Gledhill has implemented its StainlessLite SuperCoil across all relevant products within its stainless steel range to guarantee homeowners high performance now and in the future. However, what makes Gledhill’s SuperCoil better than competitors’?

Gledhill’s SuperCoil differs from competitors’ due to its corrugation. Unlike competitor’s plain coil, which is smooth, the SuperCoil has multiple ridges along its length which enables 20% more surface area, contributing to the lightweight of our StainlessLite cylinders and making installers’ lives easier. Corrugated coil has also proven to provide faster reheat times than competitors’ providing a more efficient performance, contributing to a reliable hot water cylinder.

Confident in its efficiency, the StainlessLite SuperCoil can be found in products from Gledhill’s flagship StainlessLite range, consisting of indirect models, solar, heat pump and  horizontal etc as well as Gledhill’s recently revamped Torrent Stainless range designed to use multiple fuel sources. It’s even been implemented within Gledhill’s vented range, the EnviroFoam Stainless.

Gledhill provides an innovative heating tool which is not only the perfect partner to today’s gas combi-boilers but also the ideal heat exchanger for future low carbon energy. So, when it comes to choosing a hot water cylinder that can be counted on, why not take a look at Gledhill’s StainlessLite SuperCoil and the stainless steel range it sits within.

Take a look at Gledhill’s StainlessLite SuperCoil products here.