Meet Gledhill’s Technical Team – The Answer to All Your Questions!

Posted 24th September 2019

Our Gledhill technical team carries a wealth of experience within the plumbing and heating industry and has all the information you need on Gledhill’s products. Based at our head office in Blackpool, they have access to all the Gledhill product documents, technical data and manuals etc you need and can supply these to you at the click of a button.

The voice of the company and the point of contact for installers, merchants, contractors and homeowners, the technical team includes skilled engineers who have first hand experience of working with Gledhill products. Let’s find out a little more about our Technical Advisors and how they’ve achieved the knowledge to ensure you receive the support you need.



Gledhill Experience
Prior to joining Gledhill in 2006, Frank gained over 35 years’ experience within the plumbing and heating industry working as a gas safe registered engineer. Having now worked on Gledhill’s technical desk for over 13 years, Frank has both extensive knowledge of the industry as well as Gledhill’s wide product range.

Frank’s Fun Facts
Frank enjoys gardening with a special interest in palm trees and grows a small collection of his own. He likes to be in the fresh air and go on a variety scenic walks with his wife.


Gledhill Experience
Neil has been a part of the Gledhill Group for over 30 years, where he has worked in a number of positions from a delivery driver through to production, finally making his way to the technical desk due to his keen interest in Gledhill products. Not only does Neil hold experience in how Gledhill’s cylinders work but also how Gledhill operates as a service provider and its dedication to high quality customer service.

Neil’s Fun Facts
Neil likes to keep active and takes part in a number of contact sports as well as walking, cycling and running. He has a big passion for motorcycles and gets out on the road at every opportunity he can.


Gledhill Experience
Sue began her career with Gledhill over 10 years ago and has worked in everything customer service related. With strong skills in administration and communications, combined with the technical knowledge on all Gledhill products, Sue provides the ability to interact and cross-skill to present customers with the best service.

Sue’s Fun Facts
Sue loves to read, listen to music and spend time gardening. She has a creative mind and likes to do arts & crafts in her spare time.

Radovan (Chuck)

Gledhill Experience
Chuck moved to Gledhill from a mechanical engineering background and was an open page on all things heating and water, with an enthusiastic attitude to learning all things hot water cylinders. Having now been with the company for over 15 years he provides expert advice on repairs, maintenance and the installation of Gledhill’s products, old and new.

Chuck’s Fun Facts
Chuck loves his holidays, making sure he goes on as many as possible throughout the year. His hobbies include wine making and reading Scandinavian crime fiction.


Gledhill Experience
Paul is the most recent addition to the team, joining Gledhill in 2016. A keen technical eye and quirky persona, Paul has rapidly acquired a vast amount of knowledge on hot water cylinders and continues to develop his expertise on the technical aspects of Gledhill products, enabling him to provide reliable advice and a service our customers can count on.

Paul’s Fun Facts
Paul is a big fan of our local football team, Blackpool Football club. He is season ticket holder and looks to attend every match he can in his spare time. He’s also a gym goer and likes to stay active.


Over 70 years’ experience collectively, our small but effective technical team encompasses Gledhill’s dedication to meeting the needs of our customers. Offering a reliable service with expert advice to answer your queries and be on hand when you need assistance with your installations and repairs.

Answering an average of 150 calls per day, our advisors will be available for as long as you need to talk you through your technical queries, assist with difficult installs and explain how Gledhill systems work. No matter what the question, they’re always available for however long you need.

To contact our Technical Team click here.