HWA Charter members have got the X Factor

Posted 26th November 2014


Adherence to standards applies to all aspects of our daily lives, and they appear in various forms. Some are instilled in us during childhood; from manners – to being a ‘good sport’, we soon learn to absorb acceptable standards of behaviour. Equipping us to enter that all important interview, being the best version of ourselves we can be.

Then there are the everyday standards around us; food safety for instance, we expect cleanliness and practices to ensure that the food we eat holds only nutrients and pleasure. And of course there are standards we don’t see, or even realise exist.

Consumers and industry are familiar with the notion of manufacturing standards, the hot water industry, like all manufacturing businesses, are governed by standards, be them British or European. We appreciate that they offer a sense of certainty and trust.

Standards are part and parcel of modern-day living, so learning that a product adheres to manufacturing standards; whilst reassuring, is not unexpected. Recognising that today’s consumer wants to see businesses going beyond what is ‘expected’; members of the Hot Water Association (HWA) have developed an additional standards framework, which each member company signs up to – The HWA Charter.

The Charter

Gledhill, a member of The HWA Charter, offers consumers quality assurance, product satisfaction, and confidence in the manufacturer, that they will deliver a service beyond just supplying the product.

The HWA Charter Code of Practice requires that, all members adhere to the following:

  • To supply fit for purpose products clearly and honestly described
  • To supply products that meet, or exceed appropriate standards and building and water regulations
  • To provide pre and post sales technical support
  • To provide clear and concise warranty details to customers

Independently audited

Charter members are independently audited before the status of Charter member is awarded. Consumers are flooded with brand marketing from companies that make bold claims about improving lives and the world through achieving environmental, ethical, or social milestones. Many can face rejection – unless they accredit themselves through unbiased third-party authority. Independent governance supports the Charter principle of, being clear and honest; not only do members have to comply with the Charters standards, they also have to show an external accreditor how they do it.

Geoff Egginton, director, Advance Appliances- HWA Charter member said;

“The power of the third-party accredited quality mark is significant. Seals of approval are developing their own brand reputations, the Kitemark logo for instance, which is used in the UK for health and safety standards for products such as bicycle helmets and smoke alarms; has made it into the Top 500 Business Superbrands list for the third year running.

HWA Charter members are proud of their brand and what it stands for; our aim is to get every business involved in the manufacturing and supply chain of domestic hot water products, to become Charter members.”

A committed industry

Adapting to the changing world in which we live, members will continue to periodically review and develop the Charter standards, making sure that they maintain the standards set for the industry, and also continue to deliver on the needs of today’s consumer.

HWA charter members are committed to providing hot water storage solutions that not only meet manufacturing standards, but deliver the ‘full package’, product, support, service and all.

Engineers working with Charter member products can expect;

  • Clear and complete fitting instructions,
  • After-sales support, with easy access to help and advice, including technical support.
  • Spare parts if required,
  • Clear terms and conditions for product warranty