Gledhill Showcase New StainlessLite Video

Posted 17th October 2019

As a leading manufacturer of hot water cylinders, Gledhill are dedicated to quality manufacturing and are particularly proud of their premium range of unvented cylinders, the StainlessLite range. That’s why we’ve created a new video to show you exactly what our flagship range covers and how it has a solution to every application.

From direct to indirect, 90 litres to 400 litres, the Gledhill StainlessLite range not only meets fuel and size requirements but also more specific options such as renewable energy options and space saving solutions. It even has a pre-plumbed range for quicker installation to make installers’ lives easier.

Take a look at our new video on our premium products to see the wide range of unvented hot water cylinders we offer. All made from high specification duplex stainless steel, provided with a 25 year warranty and available next day, Gledhill’s lightest cylinder on the market is the perfect solution.

Find out more about Gledhill’s StainlessLite range here.