Gledhill’s Stainless ES – The ideal choice to deliver mains pressure hot water to the charming veterinary of Gorebridge, Scotland.


Within the wild landscapes of North Scotland, a Gledhill cylinder sits in the former mining village of Gorebridge, taking residence in a charming building that currently serves as a veterinary surgery.

The home of Scotland’s first gunpowder mill since 1794, Gorebridge is a village ladled with historic buildings and ruins due to it’s fascinating past in serving as the Stobs Mills gunpowder works and then later becoming a local coal mining village. Now redeveloped to facilitate 20th century shops, cafes and services such as the ICR veterinary surgery, the picturesque buildings of this small town still radiate character and tradition.

Dedicated to protecting the health and welfare of the loved pets of Midlothian, ICR Veterinary Surgery relies on consistent hot water everyday to help them carry out their work. Saving the lives of animals and ensuring their good health, hot water is critical in providing good hygiene and clean working areas.

Seeking professional advice on the best replacement for the gravity fed copper cylinder currently in situ at the veterinary, G.D. Mills Plumbing & Heating of Loanhead, Midlothian were contacted by ICR to recommend and install a new cylinder earlier this month. As one of the most competitively priced unvented cylinders in the market, benefitting from Gledhill’s proven technology and quality manufacturing, G.D. Mills believed the Gledhill Stainless ES to be the ideal choice.

Ryan Mills, fourth generation plumber of the family business, said: ‘We’ve used Gledhill products for years and it’s our go to cylinder, whether it’s gravity or unvented. Their cylinders are easy to install, aesthetically pleasing and are available at a competitive price.’ Established in 1983 by Ryan’s father, G.D. Mills Plumbing & Heating have served Edinburgh and the Lothians covering repairs, services and installations within the plumbing industry for over 30 years. Ryan further said: ‘Gledhill’s service has always been good and I’d always recommend them’.

Manufactured from highly corrosion-resistant duplex stainless steel, Gledhill’s Stainless ES delivers mains pressure hot water, enabling high flow rates of water for showers and baths, proving to be the perfect facilitator in meeting the hot water demands of the veterinary. Enabling a consistent hot water source for bathing, combatting bacteria and daily cleaning requirements.

Providing peace of mind with a 25 year warranty, Gledhill’s unvented cylinder is set to be a long term addition to the historic and traditional village of Gorebridge – a perfect home for a cylinder that carries its own Gledhill history of innovation, quality and reliability since 1926.

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