At the coldest time of the year, Gledhill’s recently redeveloped Torrent Stainless gets more out of increasingly popular solid fuel stoves.


Now fully experiencing the cold British weather as we hit the new year, there’s nothing more the British people love than to get cosy by the fire, but did you know that Gledhill can make even more use of your fire than just heating the home throughout the winter months?

Whilst thermal store hot water cylinders have been around the hot water industry for over 25 years, they have recently become the preferred solution for homeowners who wish to utilise a solid fuel appliance, such as a solid fuel stove. That’s why when Adam Hague of Hague Gas and Solid Fuel Installations was contacted to recommend a hot water cylinder in Rininglow, Sheffield, he recommended the Gledhill Torrent Stainless as the most suitable cylinder.

Offering the homeowner the comfort and luxury of an open vented system, the Torrent Stainless provides heat to the radiators by utilising heat from a solid fuel appliance, when appropriately sized, whilst also producing high performance mains pressure hot water, making it a highly economic cylinder with electricity or gas only required as a backup heat source.

Having worked in the plumbing & heating industry for over 20 years, Adam Hague established his company, Hague Gas & Solid Fuel Installations, in 2008. Thriving for over 10 years, the business has previously installed the predecessor of the Torrent Stainless, the Torrent ECO, and was impressed by its quality.

Adam Hague said: ‘We recommended the Torrent Stainless as a more efficient way of linking the solid fuel stove in with the gas boiler to provide mains pressured hot water. We have also installed the Torrent ECO OV on a previous job and were very impressed with the quality.’

Now, the recently redeveloped edition of the Torrent ECO, the Torrent Stainless provides everything the Torrent ECO offered and more. Made from the same duplex stainless steel as Gledhill’s flagship StainlessLite Plus range, it has a high resistance to corrosion and carries a 10 year warranty.

Adam further said: ‘We would certainly recommend Gledhill in the future due to its helpful pipework, wiring schematics and their technical advice team.’

Perfect for private homes that look to invest in a cost saving product, the Torrent Stainless requires no G3 qualification to install and is fully ErP compliant with energy efficient pumps, PCB software and flow sensor technology.

To find out more about Gledhill’s Torrent Stainless range please click here.