Why are warranties important?

Posted 26th March 2018

When it comes to ordering appliances for your home, we all look for the best deal; is it good quality, can I trust the manufacturer, does it come with a warranty? So, why are warranties important when looking for a hot water cylinder?

A warranty or a guarantee is provided by the manufacturer of the product. It assures you that the product is of good quality and performance, providing you with peace of mind. Manufacturers also provide customers with the choice to register their product, enabling them to extend the warranty period for a much longer time, ensuring you don’t have to worry in the event of a product malfunction throughout the future.

Since the manufacture of Gledhill’s original StainlessLite range in 2008, Gledhill have provided customers with a 25 year warranty on their StainlessLite cylinder, guaranteeing protection against material defects or manufacturing faults on the components and the cylinder. Now, Gledhill are also providing on-site technical support, so if your StainlessLite cylinder malfunctions or breaks down, they’ll send out their own Gledhill trained engineer to fix the issue, should your original installer be unavailable.

Should a problem with your cylinder arise, Gledhill have a technical support team as an initial point of contact for their customers, ensuring you receive first hand advice from skilled engineers who have experience of working with Gledhill products – some for over 30 years. If the issue is still unresolved, a Gledhill engineer will attend and repair the cylinder for you as long as it’s in warranty*.

Registering your hot water cylinder couldn’t be more important. It provides a relationship of trust and reliability between the customer and the manufacturer, giving you confidence in your cylinder choice and its ability to always suit your hot water requirements at a high standard. Registering your cylinder with Gledhill couldn’t be simpler – just enter your details here and you can be sure you made the right decision in the Gledhill StainlessLite.

*For all warranty information, please refer to the relevant installation manual, which can be found in our downloads section.