Copper Commercial Range

Commercial and industrial hot water cylinders

Gledhill Building Products Limited manufacture a full range of calorifiers for commercial and industrial applications.

Calorifiers are available as standard patterns or high performance ‘Heatspeed’ types. All are manufactured from copper, long recognised as the best material for water storage vessels.

Capacities range from 320 to 450 litres and products are individually made to order to accommodate connections and heat exchangers to suit individual applications.

A full range of extras including bolted heads, inspection ports, hand holes and cradles are available if required.

Systems with high draw rate potential over extended periods are best served by units with high recovery capability and moderate storage capacity for balancing purposes.

Heatspeed calorifiers have very high efficiency heat exchange elements and are designed with energy conservation very much in mind. They have a smaller storage capacity than conventional calorifiers yet can offer larger volumes of hot water per hour.

Their main features are:

  • Considerable saving in floor space.
  • Lower standing losses because less water is being stored.
  • Greater boiler efficiency because the heat exchanger can absorb more of the boiler output thus reducing cycling with its attendant efficiency losses, particularly in the summer months.
  • Reduction in capital costs.