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Copper Cylinders

Our copper range includes cylinders and combination units for all traditional domestic applications; commercial and industrial cylinders and calorifiers; packaged plumbing units and products for use with off peak electricity and thermal stores suitable for use with all types of alternative energy. 

The demands for powerful yet energy efficient systems designed for the increasing number of multi-bathroom homes is met with the range of Torrent thermal stores. It enables the homeowner to utilise renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wood burning stove or a heat pump, along with traditional heat sources. 

Customer satisfaction

In answer to the demands of customers for a quick response to quotations and deliveries, we have specifically tailored our nationwide network of Super-Depot manufacturing units to the production of copper cylinders and tanks, enabling us to offer the unique benefits of no minimum order quantity and minimal delivery charges for ‘one-offs’

Our promise of same day collection or next day delivery on standard products is unique to the industry. The ‘price within the hour, delivery within 72 hours’ on a complete range of 'specials' and bespoke cylinders is well known in the trade.

To ensure a consistently high standard of copper cylinder, whichever nationwide depot that cylinder is manufactured in, Gledhill now have a dedicated training facility at the Blackpool headquarters. Here, new staff are trained in all aspects of copper brazing and forming as well as being given the technical theory behind copper cylinder manufacture.

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